Pistachio Hair Goods is a manufacturing and distributing company that sells wholesale to upscale beauty salons, tanning salons, yoga studios and clothing boutiques. Pistachios' hair goods can be purchased retail through Etsy . Pistachio specializes in satin hair elastics and headbands. Simply put, these are fabulous. They offer a secure yet gentle hold for hair and are as comfortable as they are stylish and hip. They don't rip or tug hair like typical drugstore elastics. When they aren't holding your hair back, they double as super cute bracelets. The elastics are hand-dyed and come in a wide variety of colors including tie-dye. Choose from several color packages to suit your customer base or create your own distinct package. Displayed in a glass jar next to the checkout, loose hair ties and headbands make a great impulse item.  Did your customer forget to bring something to put their hair up while they are in the tanning bed? Offer them a hair tie! Teeny Ties are perfect for younger children. We also offer child-sized headbands. Our new crystal clear pillow boxes filled with hair ties or headbands are the perfect little gift. And every order ships free all the time!


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